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We have ridden with Randi for many years and every ride we always see something new. Randi plans for her riders to see and understand the culture of Stone Island. Itís always amazing to ride through the coconut groves and see the horses grazing, or seeing the amazing variety of brightly colored butterflies in the mango fields as they fly up when you ride through the grass.

Randi, Danielle, Tony and Maria always make the ride interesting and do not hesitate to point out unusual flowers or the iguanaís that sit on top of houses watching you ride by. Then there is the ride on the beach, where numerous different shells wash ashore. The water is so warm you can spend hours just playing.

Lunch at Victorís is always fresh and fabulous, and in our opinion, Victor makes the best homemade salsa we have ever had. His entire family is very pleasant and you receive quality service all the time. We canít wait to see all of them again, which is in our plans.

See ya soon Randi and all the gang.

Stephen and Cheryl


Hi Randi
Just wanted to pass a big thank you for the wonderful time we had with you and your horses and team.When my son was diagnosed with Autism years ago I was told there was many things he COULD NOT do. You proved them all wrong. Braeden is so proud of himself that he could ride alone and not have to lead around by someone. He is bragging to people that he did better then his dad.It is great to see him so confident. I had a great time too.Dh and I can't get over how nice it was not to have to ride nose to butt and that the horses are so well cared for compared to the last ones that we were on in Honduras that looked like they were on their last legs. We will tell all our friends that are planning on going to Mazatlan about you. You have given my family a miracle and I am eternally grateful.

Karen and John D'Eon and family from Logan Car Hire

We rode on Randi's Happy Horses on Jan 5th. We came in on the Carnival Pride. There was 4 of us, 2 adults and 2 teenage girls. We all agreed it was the highlight of the trip. There was so many positives! Your informative description of the Mexican community and the people and the assorted transportation to get to Stone Island gave us the "real" look at the Mexican culture. The food at Victor's was fantastic!!.

Your guides watched the beginners fairly close and helped them, but let the rest of us go where we wanted. This was so different than the trail riding I was used too. My horse palomino, would go anywhere I wanted, and with a soft touch to his sides I was bolting down the beach while I was trying to hang on. He wanted to win any race, and he thought everything was a race. It was by far the best riding I have ever had.

The riding was fantastic, but had we not booked the trip I know we would not experienced the culture in the same way. The combination you provide on your tours, the culture, friendliness,location, riding and laughs all add up to a top quality tour!

I would reommendend it to anyone ( I have already as a matter of fact to a family traveling in March )

Your tour is such a great value!

Norman, volkfolks@shaw.ca

We had a wonderful time, and my daughter tells everyone that the horses were the best part of the cruise. This was a special day for her because she just finished chemo therapy and radiation for Hodkin's Disease. You have a wonderful business and great crew working for you. Hope you are feeling better. I enclosed a picture of my daughter also. Thanks , take care see you in November.

Thank you for a great time!


I can't say it enough, we sure had a grand time riding with you on our port stop in Mazatlan. I was a bit skeptical since it had been about 25 years that I last sat upon a horse; however, we all seemed well matched up with our horses and I felt very comfortable atop Honaho as Jeff did on Flea! The ride was very peaceful and beautiful thru the groves and I really felt gleeful once we hit the beach and had that spectacular backdrop of the ocean for our viewing. Victors was a great way to end the ride! Thanks for showing us a great time.

Lynn & Jeff Dils 
Chelsea, MI

Just a note of thanks to let you know that your trip was definitely the highlight of our cruise. Don's first horseback ride was incredible! Your crew was friendly, helpfull and fun to hang around. You'll have to tell "Senior Loco" (Tony's dad) that I said hello, and he still cracks me up, just thinking about him. It's amazing how we can communicate with so little in common! It was really a treat and so sweet of him to open his home to us. We loved to see how the people of Mexico live. It gives new pause to thinking about what is really important.
I do have one suggestion......maybe you need to take the "shorts are okay" off of your recommended riding attire. It has taken almost a week for my chafing to stop oozing!!. Don't get me wrong, it was worth every minute of it!!
I just learned a life lesson--when riding horses, wear jeans!
Thanks again for a terrific time! 

Terri (2/06)


We just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we enjoyed our time at Randi's Happy Horses in early May 2010. It was truly the best part of our trip to Mazatlan. I was so afraid of horses and your gentle giants totally helped me overcome that fear. In fact, I even managed a short gallop on Rubia! I can honestly say that I can hardly wait to return. Your guides stayed right by my side and made me feel at ease until I could just relax and enjoy the whole experience. It was such a pleasure meeting you personally Randi. You are such a lovely person and we very much enjoyed our time together over lunch at Victor's. Of all the people you meet, we know you will probably not remember us, but believe me when I say, WE will never forget you. We hope to see you again next year. Thanks again for the fantastic ride! 

Randy & Patti

Randi's Happy Horses is by far the best excursion I have encountered on a vacation.  Besides the horseback ride through beautiful plantations and along the beach, Randi is a great source to learn about the culture, customs, and the wonderful people of Mazatlan.  In addition, don't pass up the great food at Victors!  I recommend the garlic shrimp and smoked fish.  Accompany this with a few Pacificos and you're in heaven!

Brian, blossom@fginet.com

I just wanted to write and say again that riding with you're company is the best riding that Dennis and I have EVER done on vacation! We had such a blast. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. Daniel is crazy in the best kind of way. ;-) Freckles was definitely numero uno, just like he said. Thank you so much for the ride of a lifetime.
I will recommend you to anyone and everyone who will listen!
I know you have no shortage of good references, but if you'd ever like to use us as a reference to people, please feel free.
Thank you again,
Kristin Gieseker

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